How to track M-Pesa Transactions with Safaricom self care

Safaricom M-Pesa user come across many troubles tracking the transactions on their phone, like in a case of deleted messages that you may need to know how much money was sent. This service has been running but I decided to highlight it since it may be of help if you can access the internet.

The service is known as Safaricom self care gives you access to the following services such as Billing, checking of balance, bonga points and account details

Once you load the portal page you will be prompted to register or login. For new users create an account with a username and password. Remember this is a Secure Connection as you will see on top of the address bar showing the secure website verification icon.

After signing up you receive your details on your phone to authenticate the registration. It will be very useful also to people who block the PIN of their sim cards and would like to get their PUK. It has an option to view your PUK.

It also has the facility to track your credit history on usage. The Safaricom self care portal is designed to give past transaction details according to me. It gives you the ability to track the calls you have made and the duration and costs per calls. Also the data bundles usage at different intervals. I believe the post-paid customers will benefit from the service to track the unbilled usage and track their bills.

The M-Pesa account management which is the core feature in the Safaricom self care portal lets you tack your transactions for the last Six months. You get to choose the kind of transaction you want to view history about i.e. Deposit, Send (Sent money) and Withdraw (Money withdrawn)

The M-Pesa report will indicate the Transaction ID, Date, Sender Mobile number, M-Pesa agent transaction was carried out at and amount.

I also noticed an option for live chat with the customer care, although I doubt it works compared to the customer care help line that takes long before getting connected to the agents.

Orange also has its version portal which appeals mainly to Data users for purchasing bundles and monitoring their usage.

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