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I want to share something that I came across while browsing the internet that solved my dilemma of using my browser as a mobile device. Most mobile phones use the WAP 2.0 global specifications for mobile devices (XHTML). Using Mozilla add on User Agent Switcher you can switch to any platform ranging from Mobile Browsers for android, iPhone, Ipad, internet explorer and the likes. The user agent mimics the browser for the device you choose.

I personally like the Mozilla Firefox User Agent Switcher 0.7.3 by chrispederick which is available to Mozilla Firefox users. I guess most people use Mozilla but Chrome has its own plugins too.

To use the Mozilla Firefox User agent switcher you will need the specific user agent string for the device you want to browse as i.e. IPhone 3, Nokia 6300, and Ipad etc. The user agent strings can be found on the different websites I prefer this .


Nokia 2760

Nokia2700c-2/2.0 (07.80) Profile/MIDP-2.1 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 nokia2700c-2/UC Browser7.7.1.88/69/444 UNTRUSTED/1.0

Opera mini 6.5

Opera/9.80 (J2ME/MIDP; Opera Mini/4.1.13907/27.1188; U; en) Presto/2.8.119 Version/11.10


Step 1

Go to search for User Agent Switcher. It appears as the first page result. Make sure the add-on is by Chrispederick. Click install and restart Firefox. Or alternatively go to and install it manually.

Step 2

Go to Mozilla and select the Tools menu and choose the default User agent. Click further to choose the different user agents that are available. To add custom user agent strings for devices that are not available choose Edit user agents and choose create new user agent. Copy the user string you got from Zytrax website or any reliable source for user agent strings on the user Agent input box.

a) Edit the App code name according to your preference of your device or browser

b) Edit the description on top to anything that you like that describes the user agent string used and click OK


Step 3

Now go to tools and choose the User agent you have just created.

Visit a webpage that you intend to open trying to mimic a mobile device i.e. , etc.

You will notice the content will be rendered as a mobile device would do when using your Phone or device.

Mozilla firefox user agent can also be in the following ways:

  1. These may sound old school but if you want to return to the previous Yahoo Mail classic which is simple and loads faster you will notice Yahoo have made it difficult to revert to the old Yahoo mail classic. You can change the user agent to something like IE 6 and automatically when you visit you will be prompted to revert to the older Yahoo Mail classic since IE 6 cannot display the current Yahoo mail interface.
  2. You can test mobile websites and simulate them using the user agent switcher before launching them. You can tell how the content of the website will be displayed on Mobile Browsers.
  3. Increasing the speed of loading webpages. Some webpages display photos and videos that make the site heavy and reduce the upload time. Using the User agent switcher you can override these by using a Mobile Phone user agent thus some content will be omitted and the site will load faster. Especially if you are only interested in reading content.
  4. For those who wish to minimize the amount of data you transfer while browsing this trick can save you a lot of internet bundles.

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